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Things Aren't Looking Good on the Albert Haynesworth Front

Today is July the 8th.  That means that the Tennessee Titans have exactly one week to negotiate a long term deal with defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.  Paul Kuharsky is reporting that Fat Albert's agent Chad Speck, and the Titans haven't spoken in weeks. 

Look, I understand the risks of locking Haynesworth up long term.  His work ethic has been questioned in most of the seasons since he has been here.  He cannot stay healthy for a whole season,and he has had some on the field attitude problems, but the Titans simply cannot afford to not bring him back. 

What are they waiting on?  They have money right now under the cap so they could structure a long term deal that is front loaded so it doesn't put them in cap trouble down the road.  Signing any player is a risk.  The risk is a little bigger with Albert because of his past, but this team is not built to succeed withouth him.  Who is going to replace him?  Tony Brown?  He is a servicable player, but we saw how good the middle of the offensive line was with him as the anchor.  Antonio Johnson?  He didn't perform in college and is coming off a major injury.  Jason Jones?  They aren't even sure if he is a tackle or an end. 

It is time for this team to take a big step forward and that cannot be done without Haynesworth on the field.  Take the plunge Mike!!