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Breaking Down the 2008 Tennessee Titans Schedule: Week 2 @ Cincinnati

Titans Stat* Bengals


Rush Offense 97.3 (24th)
179.9(27th) Pass Offense 250.8(7th)
311.7 (21st) Total Offense 348.0 (10th)
18.8 (22nd) Scoring 23.8 (11th)
92.4 (5th) Rush Defense 118.3(21st)
199.2(10th) Pass Defense 230.4(26th)
291.6(5th) Total Defense 348.8(27th)
18.6 (8th) Scoring Defense 24.1(24th)
0 (12th) Turnover Ratio +5 (T-9th)

*Stats from 2007 season.

Try as we may, I don't think any of us can forget the week 12 35-6 beat down the Cinicinnati Bengals put on the Titans last season in Cincinnati.  The Bengals racked up 426 yards of total offense, 148 of that rushing,  against a Titans' defense that was without Fat Albert.  The defense was bad, but the offense was worse.  Vince Young was 19-31 for 246 yards with an interception against a really bad Bengals' defense.

Thank goodness this is a new year.  The Bengals will look pretty much the same except they will have former Titans' defensive end Antwan Odom on the field instead of Justin Smith.  The Titans will spend most of this game trying to play keep away from Carson Palmer and his high powered offense which they were unable to do last season.  The Bengals will eventually implode, but this game is early in the season so it probably won't have happened yet.  This is a game the Titans should win, but it will be a close one.