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Jeff Fisher's Thursday Practice Report

(On releasing wide receiver Mike Williams)

Yes, we released Mike Williams today. I just wasn't seeing the production and when you get in a situation where you don't see the production and you have a young group of receivers that are emerging, I felt like it was in the best interest to let him go at this point. Hopefully Mike can hook on someplace else.

(On the reason Williams was cut)

It was just a combination of things, and we just weren't getting it from him. Too many drops. Unfortunately for him, we've got a good group of receivers that are competitive and getting better and we just weren't seeing improvement so we moved on.

(On Mike Williams' potential)

Well he's had potential, he still has potential, hopefully he'll realize it someplace else. 

(On whether Williams should try to learn a different position)

If we would have thought he would have better served at tight end, then we would have moved him to tight end.

(On whether he felt bad about cutting Williams after spending extra time with him)

I didn't invest any extra time in him. We brought him in at the end of the season and we were very explicit about what we wanted to have happen before he returned. He worked towards that, but never really met those criteria.

(On the other improving wide receivers)

Absolutely, we're definitely excited about the improvement. They are all improving, Justin [McCareins] and Justin [Gage] are making plays and Paul Williams and the group. It's a very competitive group and this group is going to make a lot of plays for us.

(On the new wide receiver Chris Davis who was just signed having the same name as another wide receiver on the roster named Chris Davis)

I told him not to panic if he hears someone yell Chris because we have about four dozen Chris' on the roster. He had a really nice work out, and he's been at Jets' camp, and he caught the ball very well and has good quickness and change of direction. So it's good to give him an opportunity.

(On Ed Williams not practicing due to injury)

Yes, he's got a slight groin injury and he's going to be day-to-day.  

(On Rob Bironas' injury and bringing in another kicker, John Vaughn)

You know Rob's is a situation where he's day-to-day, but we're probably better suited to wait because when you are dealing with a kicking leg and you bring him back too soon he could have some residual effects and we don't want that to happen. So in order to keep pace with practice we brought John Vaughn in. John's legs are good, he kicked in the arena league, but he has to adjust a little bit because of the timing, but he has a strong leg and we enjoyed having him last year so we'll give him an opportunity. And I can't say there's a point of how long Bironas is out, he may kick in a preseason game, he may not, and he may kick in all four. I don't know. We're just going to bring Rob Bironas along as quickly as we can. What I'm saying is that I don't have a timetable for Bironas coming back.