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Vince Young and Jevon Kearse Miss Practice Time

Vince Young's injury does not appear to be serious.  He slipped when dropping back yesterday on the wet field.  He was tight afterwards and was held out as a precaution.

“He set up and slipped a little bit, he’s fine. He got a little tight and didn’t pull anything, just got a little tight so we backed him out,” Titans coach Fisher said.

It is vital that VY get all the snaps he can in this camp while learing Dinger's offense.  I would doubt that he misses any time today.

The Jevon Kearse injury sounds very similar:

“He just fell on his knee, so we backed him down. He’s fine,” Fisher said. “We’ll see how he is. I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t [practice Thursday].”

People were already jumping in with the "Here we go again" stuff on the Tennessean website when the story was posted yesterday.  I am not willing to go there until he misses some serious time.