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Jeff Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report

(On the effects of moving in and outside because of the weather)

Well we actually had a pretty good practice scheduled. It worked out well because we went in and got the special teams phase over and kind of watched the radar and knew it was going to blow through. [The weather] moved a little quicker so we got the rest of practice outside, so that was good.

(On if the weather had any effect on Vince Young)

No he set up and slipped a little bit, he's fine. He got a little tight and didn't pull anything, just got a little tight so we backed him out.

(On if the inside surface makes it tough on the players)

Well there's just not enough room to get the things done that we want to get done. The guys aren't having problems with the surface, a lot of guys prefer it. I guess I'm old fashioned. This game should be played on the grass so if you've got a chance to do it, do it.

(On if the weather made the outside surface slick at all)

No, footing's good. Some of them may not have had the right shoes on, but the footing is good.

(On where they are compared to where they'd like to be with special situations)

We're good. We've done a lot of them in the walkthrough environments but there's a couple things. Two-minute [drill] is good to do at the end of practice because you've got it timed. Two-minute offense and two-minute defense is so important in our game. We didn't have as many drives last year as we ordinarily do, we only had 34 two-minute drives during the course of the season. And you say how? Well you got before the end of the half and before the end of the game. We weren't as good as we would have liked to have been. The defense was under a lot of pressure last year, we had to defend 10 two-minute drives at the end of the game to win. We want to stay out of that but it's a big part of our game, you're talking about 200-250 snaps in the two-minute phase of the game so we're going to be spending a lot of time on it. There's things to do and things not to do and ways to win drives and ways to lose drives so we try to coach those types of things. A lot of different situations come up and we want them to be familiar with them. We hit them in camp, we remind them during the season and so when the situation comes up everybody understands what it is and hopefully we get a chance to execute.

(On if it's tough getting new players on the same page in the special situations)

You could probably go to the locker room and ask the rookies their two-minute form and they'll tell you. They're not just trying to absorb as much as they can but when you're talking to a veteran group, especially veteran guys in positions that understand, they remind each other and that's what we're trying to get across. So when you get in the huddle in a critical situation you've got vets with young players in the huddle saying, ‘hey, remember this [or] be careful about this, this will kill us.'

(On Jake Scott's first week)

Yeah he's a veteran and he really enjoys the offense, he enjoys the guys he's playing with. He's tough and he's athletic and he's everything that we thought so we feel like right now this is an upgrade. Benji [Olson] had a great career for us but in the last couple years he was battling injuries. We have a healthy Jake Scott that can play a long time for us.

(On Ingle Martin helping out in the kicking game)

He bailed us out. He gave the other 10 and the other 11 a chance to work on what we need to work on. He's a real good athlete so it's good to have him because he can punt and placekick.

(On if he's impressed with Martin's kicking)

Yeah he's got a real strong leg. He's just got to get it between those poles.

(On if he's concerned about the offside penalties from the younger players)

Nope, not at all. The only way you're going to get better at it and get used to it is do it. We could line up and not go with the hard count and have problems in the games and have problems with the opponent timing up the snap. Those things are much worse and more difficult to endure than what you learn on the practice field. As time goes on those false starts and defensive offsides will be all but eliminated.

(On if he plans to keep using Martin in the short-term)

Yeah, at this point yes.