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Wednesday Camp Quick Hitters

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Terry McCormick's Tuesday camp confidential. 

PLAY OF THE DAY: It isn’t often Jeff Fisher stops practice over a play that is made, but he took issues during the first practice in full pads when linebacker Stephen Tulloch launched himself toward fullback Casey Cramer, knocking him to the ground and raising Fisher’s ire. The coach stopped practice and, in so many words, warned players that they needed to learn how to practice without risking their teammates to injury. Before and after the Tulloch play, Eugene Amano and Kyle Vanden Bosch got into scraps at the end of plays.

The fights were the big story coming out of camp yesterday.  This kind of stuff happens all the time in camp. 

Jim Wyatt blogs about his appreciation for Kyle Vanden Bosch.

While it (KVB's playing style) contributed to a brief skirmish in Tuesday's practice, you can be sure no one involved hates Vanden Bosch. They appreciate him.

And they're glad he'll go to battle with them on Sundays.

Darn right the do.

Rookie linebacker Stanford Keglar is writing a training camp blog for The Tennessean's website.  Yesterday's addition was about resting up.

Chris Johnson has high hopes for himself:

"I feel like they don’t make them like me any more,’’ Johnson said with a smile.

Later he compared himself to Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, a highly successful veteran.

"I always set my goals high,’’ Johnson said. "I feel like I can be a big-time player in this league.’’

I love the fact that he has that much confidence in himself.  Now let's just see it play out on the field.

I also like the quote from LenDale White in that article about sharing the load:

"I have never been threatened,’’ the third-year pro said. "When I played with Reggie Bush at USC they said the same thing and I led the nation in scoring, I still had 1,300 yards. I have no problems with sharing the rock. I honestly believe having a guy like Chris is only going to make us better. Dinger will find a way to get him the ball and it will make it better for all of us.’’