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Jeff Fisher's Tuesday Practice Report

(On if the intensity had picked up during the afternoon practice)

It usually does when you put the pads on. It's a good thing. I thought we had a really good day, it's really our first day where we had two full sessions in the heat and I thought they battled through it. We had the normal heat-related issues, you know, tempers flying a little bit and some false starts and things like that. But it's a good learning experience for us. We learned a lot today but we took a step forward.

(On balancing intense practices while not trying to have players get hurt)

There's a fine line. As you build toughness there's a fine line as to how you go about doing it. You can't give it lip service, you just have to learn how to do it. There also is a fine line as far as protecting each other but [the players] understand it.

(On if Kyle Vanden Bosch crossed the line)

Well he got in two fights on the practice field so I'd say yeah. You don't want to necessarily see the fighting in practice but Kyle's one that will not carry that over into a game.

(On what gets under his skin in terms of player aggressiveness)

What's very important is to protect each other. Unanticipated shots are unnecessary. Offensive players expect the contact, which they are, but when they're not expecting contact it's unnecessary. But certainly you can't take away from your aggressiveness on defense.

(On if he expected the aggressiveness today)

It happens every year. It's part of training camp. It's no big deal. Kyle's kissing on his babies over there. [The players] are going to go in and drink and have dinner together and laugh in the meetings. It's no big deal. I mean our quarterback was throwing punches last year at this time so this is nothing.

(On what Eric Taylor brings to the defensive line)

Unfortunately we lost Wink [Ulrich Winkler], he tore his ACL and he'll be out for the season. Eric was in throughout the OTAs and did a great job. We let him go because of numbers and once we signed the draft choices and he was in shape, he's back. We're looking forward to him filling a spot for us and helping us win some games and we'll see how well he does from that point.

(On if practice went as long as scheduled)

Yeah I think I cut four reps out of one period just because I wanted to get into the goal-line period where they had a little bit left.

(On what he looks for in Vince Young's ability to attack defenses in his third year)

Well we were able to look at defensive approaches to Vince from last year to the last two years. We've had sessions out here on the practice field where we're working with those types of things and we'll continue to do that. We have a pretty good idea of how people want to defend him and where the problems lie so we address them to make it easier on him.

(On if this is the time in camp where players start to slow down)

No, you know we'll back down the next couple of days and go once a day. If we're going to hit a wall it was today and it's not out there. If it's out there they jumped right over it. I'm pleased with how they're doing.

(On if more hard counts are used to mimic game situations)

You have to work hard counts in because we see it all year long defensively. Anytime you get a rush like we do with the techniques we play you're going to see it so you have to get used to it. Of course, it's very advantageous offensively as well.

(On Jevon Kearse getting less reps today)

We just backed him down. Coaches decision, he's fine.