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Jeff Fisher's Monday Practice Report

(On the status of Rob Bironas)

Well both Rob and Josh [Miller] this morning suffered a mild muscle strain and they'll be day-to-day. We're not too concerned about it right now, we've checked them out and they'll be day-to-day. We may be a couple days without them but we don't plan on making any moves at this point. They'll get back out there and be fine.

(On if Ingle Martin can be used in any kicking roles)

We may or may not. What's important is we need to line up our field goal and field goal rush teams and do those kinds of things. We have the machines to handle the kickoffs so we'll just be day-to-day on it.

(On the impact of a full training camp for Michael Griffin)

It's going to be beneficial for him, you know he really came on last year. He's worked hard, he had a good day, I think he had a deal with Vince [Young] I'm not so sure, but he had a good day and made some plays.  He's moving around good and hopefully a full camp will pay off for him.

(On Eugene Amano's backup center role helping him at guard)

The calls generally work themselves inside out. There's a unique set of calls that involve the tackles, the tight ends and the guards but he's familiar with them. And when you're familiar with making the calls at the center it makes the guard position that much easier.

(On LenDale White not being utilized towards the end of practice)

He was excused and he's excused tomorrow. He'll be back on Wednesday.

(On Chris Johnson's development so far)

He's doing fine. Each day we'll put a new concept in, he grasps it immediately, and shows it on the field. He had some big plays today. It would appear the defense, in their own subtle ways, are trying to get a shot and they haven't got it yet. And that's a good thing. I've seen some noticeable changes in Keith Bulluck's angles downfield, so, [Johnson] can really run and he's making some plays.

(On if he's ever coached a player with Johnson's speed)

Not with his speed. Not in the backfield. That's why we drafted him, it's rare and its unique. We've said he's a football player with track speed and its showing thus far.

(On Johnson's pass-catching ability)

He's got good hands, he can catch out of frame and make the tough catch. That allows you to do things down the field and expand the pass package beyond just what you ordinarily do with a running back.

(On comparing Vince Young's performance in the 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills)

The two drills are completely different. The 7-on-7 drill is basically designed for timing and you should complete more passes in 7-on-7. Once the defensive line arrives it's difficult to see, you have to move. He made a couple of decisions, couple of throws and [Michael] Grif[fin] made a couple plays. But beyond that I thought [Young] had a good day today.