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Albert Haynesworth Tender Details

Here are the details of the Haynesworth agreement according to Jim Wyatt:

The Tennessee Titans agree to not apply the franchise tag to Haynesworth again if he reaches 1 of the following 4 incentives:

  1. Make the Pro Bowl
  2. Play 60% of the defensive snaps (He played 53.5% last season including the 3 games he missed)
  3. Play 53% of the defensive snaps and the Titans win 10 games
  4. Play 53% of the defensive snaps and the Titans finish in the top 5 in the NFL in total defense

It is no secret that if Haynesworth has a season like he did last season that he will meet at least 1 of these 4 and that is all it takes to keep the Titans from franchising him again. The good news is that the relatioship between Haynesworth's camp and the Titans seems to be good. This should help next season when the Titans don't have the franchise tag to fall back on.