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Tennessee Titans Camp Opens Today!!

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Today is a day that most of us have been waiting for since the final seconds ticked off the clock in the playoff loss at San Diego.  The Titans will be on the field for their first training camp practice today at 3:30.  That means football season is upon us and hope springs eternal.  The opening of a new season gives us all hope that this could be the year the Tennessee Titans win the Super Bowl.

First things first however.  Jim Wyatt has an article full of camp information.  Here are the highlights:

  • The Titans are continuing talks with first-round pick Chris Johnson.  Both sides are saying the expect to get something done soon.  Wyatt mentions in the article that Michael Griffin got his contract done right before camp started last season and sat out the first practice while it was being finalized.  I think we will see something similar with Johnson today.  I don't expect him to be on the field today, but I think he will be there before the weekend is over.
  • The Albert Haynesworth watch is on.  Haynesworth's camp and the Titans are in negotiations to have an agreement in place that if he plays a certain percentage of the defensive snaps this season the Titans will agree not to franchise him next season.  (Not sure why The Tennessean decided to use that picture for the story)  I want to go on record right now saying that is a bad idea.  There is no way the Titans will be able to sign Fat Albert if he hits the opening market.  They should not give up the leverage they have to franchise him next season.
  • Jevon Kearse and David Thornton will both miss this weekend's practices.  Kearse has been excused to attend the funeral for Samari Rolle's father.  Thornton has been excused because he is the best man in his brother's wedding this weekend.   
  • It appears that Roydell Williams still isn't healed from his broken ankle and may start camp on the PUP list.

Happy Camp Opening Day!!