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Have You Been Following The Caleb Campbell Story?

This is pretty interesting.  Caleb Campbell, a West Point grad, was selected by the Detroit Lions in the 7th round of this year's draft.  The Army had a rule in place that soldiers could be excused from their 2 years of minimum duty if they signed a professional sports contract.  Campbell was all set to begin Lions training camp until he received word last night that the DOD had changed their interpretation of the rule.  He is now on his way back to West Point for his orders.

There had been a lot of media coverage of the whole thing, and a lot of talk about whether or not it was fair for Campbell to have that option.  The Air Force and Navy do not allow their soldiers to sign professional contracts (see David Robinson) before completing their obligation. 

Campbell was on The Dan Patrick Show earlier today, and he said the ruling came from somewhere higher than West Point.  The plot thickens.  Campbell is a class act who did not complian once during the interview.  If I were him I would be really mad because the ruling didn't come out until the night before camp was opening.