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Grading the 2002 Tennessee Titans Draft

This draft saw 3 quarterbacks (David Carr, Joey Harrington, and Patrick Ramsey) picked in the first round. How's that working out?

Round 1 Pick #15- Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee

Haven't heard much about that guy lately. What's he up too? Seriously though, this was a great pick by the Titans. Fat Albert had the dreaded huge upside coming out of school, but he has lived up to the billing.

Grade: A+

Round 2 Pick Pick #45- Tank Williams, SS, Stanford

With a name like Tank how could this guy not be good at football? Williams started a safety from day 1, and only didn't start the final 7 games of the 2004 season because he tore his ACL. He came back to start all 16 games in 2005 but just wasn't the same player. He moved on the Minnesota Vikings last season.

Grade: B+

Round 3 Pick #77- Rocky Calmus, LB, Oklahoma

Calmus never really panned out. He started a few games and played some special teams but never really contributed to the team.

Grade: C-

Round 4 Pick #110- Mike Echols, CB, Wisconsin

Echols didn't amount to anything and was only with the team for 2 seasons.

Grade: F

Round 4 Pick #115- Tony Beckham, CB, Wisconsin-Stout

Beckham turned out to be a better player than Echols, but of course, that isn't saying much. Another example of Floyd Reese and his multiple picks at the same position..

Grade: C

Round 4 Pick #133- Rocky Boiman, LB, Notre Dame

Boiman played some minutes and had some moderate success in the two-toned blue before moving to the enemy in 2006.

Grade: C+

Round 5 Pick #151- Jake Schifino, WR, Akron

Schifino is another guy who was a burner but wasn't a good receiver. He was around for 2 seasons but never caught a pass. He had some decent kick return numbers.

Grade: D-

Round 6 Pick #187- Justin Hartwig, G, Kansas

Another late round offensive line gym by Reese and company. If you don't think the Titans have the best offensive line coach in the NFL look back at all of the late round picks that have gone on to be really good players on the line.

Grade: A

Round 7 Pick #225- Darrell Hill, WR, Northern Illinois

Hill never did anything besides play special teams.

Grade: F

Round 7 Pick #240- Carlos Hall, DE, Arkansas

You don't find many 7th round defensive ends who have 8 sacks in their rookie year. Hall was a great late round find.

Grade: A

As with any draft there were some misses, but overall this was a really solid draft.

Overall grade: A