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Grading the 2001 Tennessee Titans Draft

The Titans did not have a 1st round draft pick in 2001 because they traded it acquire Kevin Carter. That move did not pay off much in 2001 when Carter had just 2 sacks. Carter rallied to have 10 sacks in 2002.

Round 2 Pick #60- Andre Dyson, CB, Utah

Dyson was a very good 2nd round pick. He had 16 picks in 4 seasons with the Titans.

Grade: A

Round 3 Pick #90- Shad Meier, TE, Kansas State

Meier was with the Titans for 4 seasons and was a decent contributor. His career yards per catch average was 8 which is not very good.

Grade: C-

Round 4 Pick #124- Justin McCareins, WR, Northern Illinois

McCareins was an excellent 4th round pick. Hopefully he will prove to be an even better draft pick in 2008.

Grade: A

Round 5 Pick #159- Eddie Berlin, WR, Northern Iowa

The biggest thing I remember about Berlin is in 2003 against the Colts he fumbled back-to-back kickoffs. I was really mad at him that day. He was actually a decent 5th round pick.

Grade: B

Round 6 Pick #192- Dan Alexander, RB, Nebraska

Alexander never made it as a running back for the Titans. He did play a little special teams so the pick wasn't a total waste.

Grade: C

Round 6 Pick #199- Adam Haayer, T, Minnesota

Haayer was cut by the Titans before the season started. He was picked up by the Vikings and played for them a little bit.

Grade: C

Round 7 Pick #232- Keith Adams, LB, Clemson

Adams was also cut before the 2001 season, but he is still in the league with the Browns. I guess that means the Titans made a pretty good pick but did a lousy job of evaluating his talent on the NFL field.

Grade: B

This wasn't a terrible draft, but it wasn't great either. Dyson and McCareins were solid picks but there wasn't a lot of help from the rest of the draft.