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Cedric Benson Released by the Chicago Bears

After his 2nd alcohol related arrest in less than a month, the Chicago Bears have cut ties with running back Cedric Benson.

How about that 2005 NFL draft top 10?  Let's review:

1. Alex Smith- Bust

2. Ronnie Brown- A lot of potential but also a lot of injuries

3. Braylon Edwards- Star

4. Cedric Benson- Criminal

5. Cadillac Williams- Hurt

6. Adam Jones- you feel in the blank

7. Troy Williamson- Bust

8. Antrel Rolle- He is going to be moved to safety this season just like Floyd Reese said he would

9. Carlos Rogers- Better corner than #6 and #8

10. Mike Williams- He is on our team now

Talk about a crap shoot..