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Ryan Fowler Faces Suspension for Performance Enhancing Drugs

As DonFrancisco mentioned here, Tennessee Titans middle linebacker Ryan Fowler is facing a suspension for performance enhancing drugs.  Fowler was implicated by David Jacobs who was found dead in his home last week.  Fowler's attorney had this to say:

"Ryan has never tested positive for any banned substance," said Ginsberg. "There apparently are unsubstantiated accusations that have been made by an admitted felon without any corroboration and the commissioner apparently has seen fit to use those accusations to threaten my client's career.


"It's a violation of Ryan's due process rights and seemingly a violation of the NFL's policy itself to use these kind of unsubstantiated accusations itself," Ginsberg said. "We've asked the NFL to provide to us any corroboration or support for these allegations and, to date, the NFL has provided absolutely no evidence to support any threatened discipline."

We will have to wait and see what comes of this.  It will probably be a battle that ends up in court like the Travis Henry dog and pony show from last season.  It would be ridiculous for the NFL to suspend him if all they have is a steroid dealer saying he sold to him.