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Tennessee Titans News 06.06.08

The Titans have finalized an agreement to practice with the St. Louis Rams during training camp.  The practices are expected to be held at Baptist Sports Park and will be open to the public.

The Titans hosted 4 safeties yesterday including Adam Archuleta, Deke Cooper, D.J. Woolfe and Rocky Schwartz.  If they were to sign any of these guys it would just be for depth purposes behind Michael Griffin and Calvin Lowry.

There is a pretty interesting article about receivers and their transition to the NFL over at Football Outsiders.  It talks about all of the different reads the receivers have to make pre and post snap in order to run the correct route.  It will be interesting to see if Mike Heimerdinger can do a better job of having Vince Young and the receivers on the same page than Norm Chow did.

The Oakland Raiders have agreed to a contract with Darren McFadden.  The deal is 6 years and $60 million with $26 million guaranteed.  That is a lot of money.

I was on the Football Guys podcast yesterday.  Click here to listen.