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It Was All Just a Rumor: Bill Parcells Wants Jason Taylor Back

Remember all of that stuff you have been hearing about Bill Parcells trying to force Jason Taylor out of Miami?  Yeah, well it's not true according to Parcells: (Be sure and click on the link so you can know what Parcells was wearing during the interview.)

"Why wouldn't you want one of the very best players?" Parcells said in an interview with The Associated Press. "This thing has kind of taken on a life of its own and a large measure of this 'rift' is fabrication. I don't really know what the genesis was, other than there was some talk about a trade and people naturally thinking that when I come in it's going to be confrontational. And that's not necessarily true."

I don't believe anything that he is saying.  They think that Taylor is on the downside of his career, and they want to free that money up to spend on some yonger guys.  I really wish the Titans would try to package something to get Taylor in the two-toned blue.