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Football Outsiders Agrees With Us About Sal Pal

Over the weekend we talked about the article from ESPN's Sal Paolantonio calling Jeff Fisher overrated here and here.  Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders agrees with us that Sal Pal must have some type of personal problem with Fisher.  Here is just one excerpt from a really good article:

Fisher is also taken to task for his “postseason failure” — as if losing to the 2003 Patriots, 2000 Ravens and 1999 Rams in the postseason is somehow reason for shame. Three of the best teams of the last decade, and the Titans happened to be in the way. Do people think of the 1970’s Raiders as a subpar team because they frequently failed to upend the Dolphins and Steelers?

Farrar also touches on the fact that 3 of the 8-8 seasons were during the transition from Houston to Nashville.  That should not be overlooked.  Sometimes I wonder if we have our two-toned blue glasses on when it comes to Fisher, but this has proved to me that pretty much everyone around the NFL agrees that Fisher is a top-notch coach.