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MTD's Wide Receiver Rankings

Everyone loves a list, right?  Matt Miller over at Mocking the Draft has ranked the top 314 receivers in the NFL.  Now even if you don't agree with the rankings, it is pretty impressive that he took the time to rank 314 receivers.  Who even knew there were 314 receivers in the NFL?

Anyways, the first Tennessee Titans' receiver on his list is Roydell Williams at #47.  I don't really have an issue with that.  What I do have an issue with is that Justin Gage is ranked all the way down at #82.  How are there 35 spots between guys who has the exact same number of catches, and Gage had more yards? 

The bigger issue here is that the Titans barely have a top 50 wide receiver.  People give Vince Young a lot of heat, and I will grant them that he played pretty badly last season, these people need to have some common sense and see the weapons he has been given.  However, the times are a changin with Mike Heimerdinger at the helm.

Other Titans receivers ranked as follows:

Brandon Jones #98

Lavelle Hawkins #146

Chris Davis #164

Mike Williams #170

Paul Williams #197

Biren Ealy #242