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Tennessee Titans News 06.26.08

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Jim Wyatt has a good article on the Titans' new running backs coach Ernest Byner.  I heard Byner on the radio yesterday, and he is going to be a great asset to this coaching staff.  He had no problem talking about "The Fumble" saying that going through that experience had helped him become who he is today.


Jeff Fisher isn't so sure about Albert Haynesworth's six pack:

"It's in a cooler in the back of his car,'' Fisher said.


John Glennon, the beat-writer for the Nashville Predators, thinks the Titans should open the wallet for Haynesworth.  He makes some pretty good points.


Terry McCormick has a good article about Jacob Ford's battle to make this roster.  He can contribute if he can keep that weight on.  He has the potential to be a very good situational rusher.