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Albert Haynesworth is Saying All the Right Things

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Jim Wyatt caught up with Albert Haynesworth yesterday at a charity event in Cool Springs and he had some positive things to say about his conditioning and his contract.

"I am starting to see some abs down there,'' he said with a smile. "It's kind of funny, I have never discovered those before. I always had that keg, but now I have that six-pack hopefully.''

It sounds like he is serious about being in shape.  That has been my one concern about him not working out with the team. 

"I don't want to miss any time,'' he said. "Hopefully all this stuff works out. I always said I wanted to be a Titan and nothing has changed.''

Hopefully that means that if no long-term contract is worked out, he will sign the tender and be in camp.  He isn't really missing anything by not being at the OTAs, but when the team puts the pads on he needs to be there for his own benefit and the benefit of the team.  He has reached a point in his career where he realizes that.

Here is the quote that should get every Titan fan fired up:

"Last year I guess I played OK enough to impress some people, but I think this year will be even better,'' he said. "With the shape I am in and the stuff I am doing, I think it is really going to show on the field.

"I think I can definitely do better than last year because last year, to myself personally, I think it was an average year.''

If that is true, this defense will be even more dominant than it was last season.