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Tennessee Titans Tuesday Practice Report

Jim Wyatt has his report up from today's practice.  The highlights:

Cornerback Eric King had a great day on Tuesday, while Vince Young wasn’t so good.  King picked Young off twice, two of four interceptions for the quarterback on the day. Cornerback Nick Harper also got into the act, making several nice plays, including a pick on a ball to Lavelle Hawkins.

I expect VY's performances to be a bit erratic while he is learning the new offense.  I will be worried if we are getting a report like this in August.

While Hawkins has been impressive, the defensive backs have been giving him a lot of grief for not being able to get off the ball, something they razzed him about numerous times Tuesday.  From the sideline, King gave Hawkins an earful when cornerback Cary Willams bumped Hawkins off his route on one-on-one drills.  When it was King’s turn against, he backed up the talk. He stepped in and intercepted Young while outfighting Hawkins for it.

This is the first negative we have heard about Hawkins so far.  He will get better as he adjusts to the Pro game.

Receiver Mike Williams made a great catch on one play, but had a difficult day. Williams dropped one ball that slid through his hands, and twice jumped early.

The enigma that is Mike Williams.

Defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch batted down a ball at the line of scrimmage. A practice hasn’t gone by this offseason without Vanden Bosch standing out.

Of course