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Tennessee Titans Friday Practice Report

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Jim Wyatt has posted another practice report on his blog.  The higlights:

--Rookie defensive end William Hayes got noticed for good reasons and bad. Hayes stripped Young of the football on a good pass rush up the middle, but had to hear it from Coach Jeff Fisher, who scolded him for being a little too aggressive.

       "Don't touch the quarterback, William,'' Fisher said. "Don't touch the quarterback.''

I like it that he is getting noticed and making plays.  That aggression will payoff when it matters.

--Defensive tackle Antonio Johnson continues to stand out in practices. He busted through the line on one play and stopped rookie running back Chris Johnson cold.

It sounds like he is going to be a solid guy in that defensive tackle rotation.  The Titans could end up having a dang good D line next season.

--I've been skeptical about receiver Mike Williams, but the guy continues to make plays in practices. Williams extended his arms and made a great catch on a ball thrown by Kerry Collins on one play, then went up high to catch another at the goal line.

There is the Mike Williams update August was asking for.

--Receiver Biren Ealy made a highlight-film catch for a touchdown, catching the ball just off the ground.

       It was close. Linebacker Keith Bulluck wasn't convinced.

      "Great catch, but they might have to review that one,'' Bulluck said.

Ealy is going to contribute this season.  Great article about him from Wyatt here.

--Johnson continues to show some nifty running ability. He squirted through the hole on one handoff, and outraced would-be tacklers. He also made a nice catch on a ball thrown by quarterback Ingle Martin.

He too shall contribute.