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Chicago Bears Sign Tommie Harris to an Extension

As Pinoy mentioned here, the Chicago Bears have signed defensive tackle Tommie Harris to a 4 year deal worth $40 with $18 million guaranteed.  Albert Haynesworth and his agent are going to look to this as a starting point for Haynesworth's deal. 

I have to admit that I haven't seen Harris play much, so I can only evaluate him from a pure stats standpoint.  Anyone who watches the Titans knows that Haynesworth's impact cannot nearly be quanified on a stat sheet, and I would expect it is the same wtih Harris.  The stats show that Harris is the more dependable player because he has only missed 4 games since he entered the league in 2004 (in that same time Fat Albert has missed 18 games).  Haynesworth has more tackles, 159 to 141, in less games, but Harris has more sacks, 19.5 to 12.

So who is worth more money?  Again, it is really hard to say without watching Harris play, but it seems that Haynesworth is the better player when both are on the field.  However, "when both are on the field" is a HUGE part of this whole equation, and I would imagine that is the biggest hold-up in the Haynesworth negotiations.  This deal shows us about the money the Titans are going to have to shell out to lock up Albert.