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Pacman Jones Gets Limited Reinstatement

Jerry Jones is no dummy.  He would have never made a deal for Pacman if he didn't have a wink and a handshake from the Roger Goodell assuring him that Pacman would be able to play. 

Pacman is now free to workout with his teammates, participate in training camp, and play in preseason games.  Goodell's decision about regular season games will come later in the summer.  Hmmmm, I wonder what he will say.

We should just get ready to see him making plays on Sundays.  If Jones's paid entourage can keep Pacman away from trouble, there will be plenty of return highlights for us to see.  I am looking forward to that.

Thanks to trenchant for putting this in the fanposts.  However it had to be deleted because the story was copied and pasted.  Thanks for the effort though.