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Tennessee Titans Wednesday Practice Report

Jim Wyatt has posted a report from today's practice on his blog.  The blog picture looks a little funny with just Wyatt since Paul Kuharsky is now done.  Note to The Tennessean: If you need any help blogging, I am available.  Thanks!

Anyways, here are a couple of interesting tidbits from Wyatt's tidbits:

--Receiver Lavelle Hawkins is off to a good start. Hawkins has strong hands and catches the ball well in coverage, something he did several times on Wednesday.

I think Hawkins is going to see significant time this season.  He might make us all look stupid for freaking out that it took the Titans so long to take a receiver in the draft.

--Quarterback Vince Young was a little inconsistent on his deep balls, but he made a couple of great throws downfield, one to Hawkins for a touchdown.

He looked lost throwing the ball down the field last season, so as long as he is making progress I am happy.

--Receiver Biren Early continues to impress. Ealy made several catches even in tight coverage. He’s physical enough to wrestle the ball away from defenders but is also getting open.

I really hope Ealy can earn a spot on this team.  That would be a great story.

--After receiver Brandon Jones caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Ingle Martin, linebacker Keith Bulluck and tight end Bo Scaife began razzing Jones about his embarrassing news last week. (Jones showed up at the airport with a gun in his bag).

That's funny.

--Rookie Chris Johnson handled catching punts without much trouble.

I cannot wait to see what he will be able to do in the return game.