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Grading the 2000 Tennessee Titans Draft

I will always refer to this as the Keith Bulluck draft.

Round 1 Pick #30- Keith Bulluck, LB, Syracuse

I have not looked at any other #30 picks to back up this next statement, but Keith Bulluck is the best #30 pick in the history of the draft.

Grade: A+

Round 3 Pick #68- Erron Kinney, TE, Florida

This was another really good pick. Kinney wasn't a deep threat, but he had solid hands and was an excellent blocker. It is too bad that his career was cut short by a knee injury.

Grade: A

Round 3 Pick #93- Byron Frisch, DE, BYU

Frisch never played for the Titans, but he did see some time with the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. You need more than that from a 3rd round pick.

Grade: F

Round 4 Pick #124- Bobby Myers, S, Wisconsin

Myers lasted 2 seasons with the Titans and started 2 games. He did make some contributions on special teams.

Grade: C-

Round 4 Pick #128- Peter Sirmon, LB, Oregon

Sirmon was a great pick at the end of the 4th round. He started 53 games for the Titans and was always known as one of the smartest guys on the field.

Grade: A

Round 5 Pick #135- Aric Morris, S, Michigan State

I honestly did not remember Morris, but he started 10 games for the Titans in 2001. He moved on from the Titans to join the New England Patriots in 2003.

Grade: B

Round 5 Pick #160- Frank Chamberlin, LB, Boston College

Chamberlin is another guy who never did a lot but made some solid contributions. He also played for the Bengals and the Texans.

Grade: C+

Round 6 Pick #197- Robaire Smith, DE, Michigan State

Robaire is the best 197th pick in the history of the draft. He was a solid defensive tackle here before moving on to the Texans, coming back here, and currently playing with the Browns.

Grade: A+

Round 7 Pick #213- Mike Green, RB, Houston

Green hung around for a few years and added depth to the roster.

Grade: B

Round 7 Pick #237- Wes Shivers, G, Mississippi St.

Shivers was cut by the Titans and picked up by the Falcons in 2000. That was his only season in the league.

Grade: D

This is the best draft of the ones we have looked at so far.

Overall Grade: A