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Eddie George "Open to Retiring as a Titan"

I didn't realize Eddie George hadn't retired yet, but apparently he has not.  Titans Radio is reporting that Eddie is open to the idea of signing a one-day contract with the Titans and retiring:

''I would love to retire as a Titan,'' George told WTVF-TV. ''I would be open to signing a one-day contract.''

''They know my number. They know how to get in touch with me. If they would like to make it happen, let’s make it happen.''

''That's up to [Titans Owner] Bud Adams.''

That sounds like a great idea.  It was terrible the way he left Nashville after all he had done for the franchise.  A lot of fans were down on Eddie because of his performance the last couple of season he was here, but there really isn't anyone more resposnsible for the success the Titans had in the early part of the decade. 

Do the right thing Bud.