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A Few Thoughts on Chris Henry

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David Climer wrote an article in yesterday's Tennessean about the differences between Floyd Reese and Mike Reinfeldt when it comes to keeping draft picks.  Reese would keep his draft picks at all costs, while Reinfeldt cut some of his last seaon.  Climer then goes on to say that he thinks if Chris Henry doesn't step up in camp this season that his roster spot could be in jeopardy.

I don't agree with that.  Henry wasn't terrible as a running back last season.  He had a great game against the Oakland Raiders with 4 carries for 48 yards that included a 24 yard TD run.  The Titans had to know that Henry was a project when they drafted him because he didn't produce at all in college.  It would be really dumb to give up on him after just 1 season.

The other reason I don't think he will be cut is because the Titans are not going to carry less than 3 running backs.  LenDale White has a running style that is going to lead to a lot of bumps an bruises, and Chris Johnson isn't built to be a 20+ carry per game back.  Which guy that is currently on the roster would get a spot ahead of Henry?  There is no one behind Johnson that has the raw speed and athleticism that Henry brings to the table. 

It is way to early to give up on Henry.  Did he prove to be worth a 2nd round pick last seaosn?  No, but that doesn't mean you cut him.  He will be given at least another year to prove what he can do.

What do you think?  Will the Titans cut Henry if he doesn't have a good camp?  Should they?