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1997 Tennessee Oilers Draft

Over the next few weeks I am going to take some time to look back at the drafts this franchise has completed since the move to Tennessee following the 1996 season. There will be a poll with each draft that will allow you to assign the grade that you find appropriate.

Round 1 Pick #18- Kenny Holmes, DE, Miami

Holmes was a decent player for the Oilers/Titans for 5 years. He signed an overpriced contract with the New York Giants after the 2000 season. Holmes hasn't played in the league since 2003, and finished his career with 250 tackles and 38.5 sacks.

Grade: C

Round 2 Pick #46- Joey Kent, WR, Tennessee

This has to be one of the worst picks in franchise history. Kent barely even made it to the Titans era. He appeared in 30 games in 3 years and had 1 career TD reception.

Grade: F-

Round 3 Pick #75- Denard Walker, CB, LSU

Despite the fact that Walker is most known for his non-pass defense/fall down in the Super Bowl, Walker wasn't terrible. He was pretty bad, but he wasn't terrible. He played 9 seasons in the league and picked off 13 passes.

Grade: C

Round 3 Pick #81- Scott Sanderson, OT, Washington State

This was another bad pick. Sanderson never amounted to much as an NFL tackle. He was in the league for 7 years and started 6 games. More years in the league than games started is never a good stat.

Grade: F

Round 4 Pick #98- Derrick Mason, WR, Michigan State

Mason is obviously the saving grace of this draft. Mason took a few years to develop, but he busted on the scene in 1999 when he set the NFL record for all-purpose yards in a season. D Mase is still putting up solid numbers (1,087 yards and 5 TDs in 2007). It would be nice if he was still a member of the Titans.

Grade: A+

Round 4 Pick #107- Pratt Lyons, DE, Troy State

Raise your hand if you remember anything about Lyons. No one...OK. Lyons did record 4.5 sacks in his 3 years with the franchise. He was waived before the 2000 season after missing the entire 1999 season after being injured in a car wreck. The grade is a little softer on him since the wreck ended his career.

Grade: D

Round 5 Pick #143- George McCullough, DB, Baylor

This was another pick that was pretty much wasted. McCullough was in the league for just 5 years and never started a game.

Grade: F

Round 6 Pick #181- Dennis Stallings, LB, Illinois

Here is another guy that didn't contribute much, if any. Stallings didn't make 28 appearances in his first 2 season, but I would suspect it was just on special teams. 6th rounders aren't expected to do great things, but they need to be in the league more than 2-3 years.

Grade: F

Round 7 Pick #217- Armon Williams, DB, Arizona

Williams appeared in 6 games in 1997 and was never heard from again.

Grade: F

This was not Floyd Reese's best effort. Out of 9 picks there were only 3 that made any kind of contribution to the franchise.

Overall grade: D