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Tennessee Titans News and Linkage 5.06.08

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The Tennessee Titans vs. Oakland Raiders preseason game has been moved from Saturday, August 16th to Friday, August 15th.  The game has been picked up nationally by FOX.


The new defensive lineman got introduced to Jim Washburn last week.  Washburn seems really excited to work with these guys.  While Jeff Fisher and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz haven't yet decided if 2nd round pick Jason Jones will play tackle or end, Wash seems to have his mind made up:

"He can be OK out there, but what he is is an inside player," Washburn said. "He weighs 273 or something like that and that hasn't been an issue because he was strong against the run. He was sort of unusually strong. I'm not sure, I've just got to see."

Wash also seemed very excited about the speed of 4th round pick William Hayes:

"I just like him," Washburn said. "He can fly. Really strong. … He's going to be overwhelmed. This isn't FAMU. But you know something, he's got unique physical qualities. Everybody thought, 'Wow, what a reach.' They had no clue."


Speaking of being excited by speed, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger is thrilled to have 1st round pick Chris Johnson in his arsenal:

"We were out there making up routes,'' Heimerdinger said. "I've never had a guy that can do (things Johnson can). … You need to be able to take advantage of the guy because he can do so many things. We'll just see what he can handle.''

I don't know about you, but I like the idea of Dinger creating stuff for Johnson.  We are going to look back and really like that pick.

Rafael Little took the practice field last week wearing #32.   He was quickly told by Fisher to take it off:

“He’s not going to be wearing that,” Fisher said. “We had discussed it this morning and for some reason someone told him to get dressed and come out. But that won’t be his number. … He’d prefer to wear a different number than 32 and you can read into it all you want.’’

Asked if the Titans were retiring the number or exorcising it, Fisher said: “I’m sending it to Dallas.”

There you have it.