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Sal Paolantonio Calls Jeff Fisher Overrated

As titanbt3 mentions in this fanpost, Sal Paolantonio doesn't think Jeff Fisher is a good coach.  While it is an interesting article and you cannot argue with the record that he lays out there (115-99) and how it compares favorably to Dennis Green (113-94),  his "failure in big games" arguments are weak.  Let's look at them:

Example 1: Titans finished the 2003 regular season 12-4, go to New England in the divisional playoffs. Lose to the Patriots, 17-14.

So Fisher is not a good coach because he lost to the Patriots in New England?  I guess that means there are a lot of bad coaches in the NFL.

Example 2: Titans finished the 2002 regular season 11-5, lose to the Oakland Raiders in the AFC championship game. Bill Callahan's offense stomps all over the defensive genius -- 41-24 Raiders.

Ok, so it is tough to argue with that one.

Example 3: Titans finished the 2000 regular season 13-3, win the old AFC Central for the first time. Don't forget, that year, Tennessee finished second in the league in fewest points allowed and total yards. Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis & Co. just came into Nashville and stripped Fisher's team of its manhood: Baltimore, 24-10.

Stripped them of their manhood huh?  The Ravens scored 24 points.  They scored one touchdown on a blocked field goal and one on an interception return.  They had 134 yards of total offense and 6 first downs.  Everything that could have gone wrong for the Titans did in that game.  It was a game of bad breaks, not a game that stripped anyone of their manhood.  And by the way Sal, the Ravens did go on to win the Super Bowl that season.

Example 4: Titans finish the 1999 regular season 13-3, advance to Super Bowl XXXIV against the Rams. Kurt Warner plays pitch and catch all day. Fisher's defense has no answer, allowing the winning 73-yard touchdown pass from Warner to Isaac Bruce with 1:54 left. Even with Steve McNair's late-game heroics factored in, Fisher's coaching performance should go down as one of the most overrated in Super Bowl history.

Warner was 24-45 (53%) is hardly pitch and catch.  Now in all fairness, he did throw for 414 yards which is a big number.  Keep in mind that the Titans were playing without both of their starting safeties in that game.  Also keep in mind that the Rams averaged 33 points per game that season.  They scored 23 in that game.  Allowing the 73-yard TD score doesn't really have anything to do with Fisher's coaching, it was just bad defense by Denard Walker.

Fisher has had some bad breaks in big games, with the exception of the Raiders game where the Titans laid an egg, and he has been the coach of some really bad teams.  I just can't wait to watch the run he and Vince Young have together over the next few years.  We can add Sal Pal to the list of people who are going to have to eat their words.