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Vince Young Wasn't Really Going to Quit

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As I said Tuesday when the interview surfaced, Vince Young was not serious about the retirement talk. 

"I was never going to quit football,'' Young said . "Football, that is my pride and joy, it is my dream. I am playing my dream. And I don't plan on giving that up any time soon.''

Anyone with a brain knew that VY did not seriously think about walking away from football.  He still has a lot of maturing to do and things were frustrating for him.  I am sure it crossed his mind that walking away from football would make his life a lot easier in the very short term.  It is pretty amazing that some people took that quote and determined that VY doesn't have what it takes to succeed in this league.

Here is how VY responded when asked when he will retire:

"My goal is to win three or four Super Bowls,'' he said. "So however long it takes to get them.''

Maybe when he does that people will believe that he has "the mental toughness to be an NFL quarterback."