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And We Thought Pacman Jones Was Trouble

Calvin Schmidtke makes Pacman Jones look like the proverbial boy scout.  Schmidtke was released from his letter of intent to play football at Washington State this fall.  Here is the kicker, The News Tribune of Tacoma is reporting Schmidtke has received 11 citations from law enforcement during the past 18 months, seven of them for traffic violations.  Which violation was it that pushed them over the top?  9, 10, 11?  It is just funny that at every level guys with talent get almost limitless chances to turn it around.

As for Pacman, Jerry Jones is serious about protecting his investment. He has set Jones up with security detail that is with him basically 24/7.  Pacman has also apparently become buddies with Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin and a prominent reverend in Dallas.  This is good news/bad news for the Titans because it appears that the goal is to take away any chance of him getting in trouble which means he should be able to stay on the field.  That means the Titans will not have to send a pick back to the Cowboys.  The bad news is we are going to have to listen to a faction of fans talk about how the Titans should have given him another chance whenever he makes a play on Sunday.