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Grading the 1999 Tennessee Titans Draft

This was the first draft where the frachise was officially known as the Titans.

Round 1 Pick #16- Jevon Kearse, DE, Florida

I guess you could say The Freak was a decent pick. He set the sack record for rookies with 14.5 in 1999 and was a crucial part of the Super Bowl run. He made 3 straight Pro Bowls from 1999-2001 and was first team all-pro in 1999. He is still one of my favorite all-time Titans.

Grade: A+

Round 2 Pick #52- John Thornton, DT, West Virginia

Thornton was another solid pick that played some decent minutes in his rookie season. He started all 16 games for the 2000 defense that was the #1 defense that season. He was hurt in 2001 but came back in 2002 to start all 16 games once again. After the 2002 season he signed with Cincinnati and is still a solid player.

Grade: A

Round 3 Pick #81- Zach Piller, T, Florida

Piller came out as a tackle but was moved to guard for the Titans. He saw limited action in 1999 but later became an intregal part of the Titans' offensive line before retiring due to injuries in after the 2006 season.

Grade: A

Round 4 Pick #114- Brad Ware, S, Auburn

Swing and a miss on this one. He never played a game in the NFL.

Grade: F

Round 4 Pick #117- Donald Mitchell, CB, Southern Methodist

Mitchell was a decent pick. He contributed on special teams in his 3 years with the Titans mostly, but did play some nickle.

Grade: C+

Round 5 Pick #151- Kevin Daft, QB, California-Davis

Daft is one of DonFrancisco's favorite all-time Titans because he was very smart. As a football player he was about what you expect from a 5th round QB. He was in the league for 4 seasons. He never actually player, but I am sure he was valuable on the scout team.

Grade: C-

Round 6 Pick #186- Darran Hall, Colorado State

No link or position for Hall because there isn't one provided on Never a good sign..

Grade: F

Round 7 Pick #222- Phil Glover, LB, Utah

Glover appeared in 1 game for the Titans in 1999 and 9 games for the Colts in 2000. So the Colts were taking our leftovers back then..

Grade: C

This is the best of the 3 drafts we have looked at so far with 3 guys that were solid starters for the franchise. It would be an A if any of the other guys had contributed at all besides Mitchell.

Overall Grade: B+