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Revisiting Travis Henry

We have criticized the Mike Reinfeldt led front office for a lot of non-moves he has made.  Yesterday there was news that the Denver Broncos signed Michael Pittman because Travis Henry's injured hamstring is healing slower than they thought it would,  and it got me to thinking about the day Travis Henry signed with the Broncos. 

There was so much panic that day.  We were all ready to run Reinfeldt out of town before he even completed a draft.  Turns out he was a lot smarter than we knew.  Not only did Henry not live up to expectations last year in Denver, a story came out that he has a bunch of kids that he wasn't current on child support for and had to borrow money from the Titans, and now it appears that he wasn't in shape for the start of OTAs (That is usually what hurting a hamstring this early in the season means.  Not always, but usually).  Oh, and he is one positive drug test away from being suspended for a year.

Kudos to Reinfeldt for making the right move and taking all the heat. 

A couple of notes:

  1. There is no point in arguing with BBS over his views about Vince Young.  The only thing that is going to shut him up is VY having a great season and beating the Colts twice.  That probably won't shut him up, but it will at least be a start.
  2. I will be looking at the 1999 Tennessee Titans draft later this afternoon.  Stop back and weigh in on it.