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Happy Memorial Day!!

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There are few things better in life than a three-day weekend.  I hope everyone has some time today to spend with their families, eat some good food, and think about the sacrifice that the men and women in our armed forces make for us every single day.  Those of you who read this site that serve in the capacity, thank you for defending our freedoms every day.  We cannot imagine the toll it takes on you and your families.

There is not a whole lot of Titans news out there today.  There is an article in the Tennessean about the rookies and how they have done so far in the OTAs.  We are about to enter a pretty dead period as far as NFL news goes, but this blog will not be dead.  We will continue to look at previous draft classes from the Tennessee Oilers/Titans as well as make predictions and breakdown the upcoming season. 

Have a great Memorial Day!!