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Jason Taylor and Anquan Boldin Skipping OTAs: Go Get Both of Them

Jason Taylor isn't happy in Miami.  Taylor might be 33, but he started all 16 games last season and had 11 sacks.  How many defensive lineman on the Titans defensive line not named Kyle Vanden Bosch were healthy all season?  Can you imagine a pass rush with Taylor on one side, KVB on the other, and The Freak rotating in and out.  That pass rush with a healthy Fat Albert in the middle would be a recipie for a Super Bowl.  The questions is what would it take to get him?  I would give up next year's #1 for him, because if he is on the team that pick will be at least in the high 20s.

The same thing goes for Anquan Boldin who isn't happy in Arizona.   I would actually give up more to get him because he is younger.  The Titans have a whole heap of receviers who haven't proven they can do much.  The Titans have proven they aren't going to spend a high pick to get a receiver, or even trade up in the 2nd to get one, so why not just trade your picks and get a guy you know can play?  You would have to give up some combination of a #1 and a #3 to get him, but as much as I love Michael Griffin, gramsey you might want to stop reading now, I would trade him and Paul Williams for Boldin.

I know these deals will never happen, but what else do we have to talk about right now?  I would love to hear your thoughts....