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On the Vince Young Pictures

I am sure by now everyone has seen the pictures that have surfaced of Vince Young at a party with his shirt off surrounded by a bunch of dudes.  If you haven't just scroll down to the fanshots section where JasonB of Bleeding Green Nation posted them.  My response to that: so what? 

People have used the photos to make an argument for everything from VY's work ethic to his sexual orientation.  That is just laughable.  First off there is no date stamp on these pictures.  They could have been from during the season, which isn't likely since the party is taking place in Texas, or they could have been from a month ago.  What VY is doing on a random night in March has nothing to do with how he will perform in September.

There is a picture of him turning up a bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage so some people say the he is drunk.  Is he?  I am not sure how you can tell that from a picture, but even if he is, that isn't a crime as long as he doesn't get in his car and drive home.  Sure getting drunk isn't the best thing for a franchise quarterback to do, but there have never been any incidents that prove he cannot handle his alcohol.

Then there is the comparison of these pictures to the ones where Matt Leinart is funneling beer to girls that are allegedly underage at a party that takes place at Leinart's house.  If the girls are underage, and I have no idea if they are or not, Leinart is committing a crime so it is not the same thing at all.

I'm not really going to get into the whole sexual orientation thing.  I think it is ridiculous to use the pictures from the party to prove anything about VY's preference.

I waited a few days to chime in on this because I wanted some of the ridiculousness to die down.  If this happens during the season it is a big deal, but since this is probably an offseason party there is really no reason to get all worked up.