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Shots Fired Outside a Bar Owned by Marvin Harrison

This is going to be an interesting story to watch.  As gramsey and august added in the fanposts, there was a shooting outside a bar owned by Colts' receiver Marvin Harrison earlier this week.  It seems pretty obvious that Harrison was involved somehow but no charges have been filed yet. 

The story goes something like this; A man enters the bar and argues with Harrison.  He leaves with Harrison following him to the parking lot where shots break out.  Harrison owns a gun that was found at a car wash he owns and tests proved it was fired recently.  The gun also matches the slugs that were recovered from the scene.  Again, no charges have been filed, but the evidence seems to overwhelmingly suggest that Harrison was involved. 

I have no idea how far this will go, or if Harrison will face any sanctions from the NFL, but it is an interesting story none the less.  Harrison has never been involved in anything like this before that we know of.  The people at Stampede Blue are all, Marvin would never do anything like this, but this just proves again that we really don't know the athletes that we think we know so well.  Not passing any judgement, just saying..