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Tennessee Titans News 5.13.08

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It appears that LenDale White played the entire 2007 season with a torn meniscus. He suffered the tear in the preseason last season.

“This happened last year in preseason. I tore my meniscus,” White said. “I played on it all season. Contrary to what people believe, I am a soldier. I played on it all year and I didn’t complain, not once. I waited until the season was over to get it fixed and now I’m feeling good.”

While I am never a big fan of the "soldier" line, I do appreciate the fact that The Round Mound played the whole season with an injury like that and never used it as an excuse.

It appears that Ryan Fowler's shoulder will never be the same after the injury he suffered in training camp last season. Fowler says that he won't let it slow him down:

"As far as getting my shoulder 100 percent, I'm not sure it will ever be 100 percent totally," said Fowler, who turns 26 in a week. "But it's as effective as I need it to be already."

"We only have helmets on. There's not a lot of contact. I can do everything that practice calls for right now. We all have to play with things that hurt all the time. Right now I could definitely play. That wouldn't be an issue."

The article mentions that Fowler will still be the starting middle linebacker when camp opens. I hope the open up the competition in camp as they did last year. Fowler is a solid player, but Stephen Tulloch seems to have more upside than Fowler. If Tulloch has become more comfrotable in the defense over the offseason, he should be the guy.