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Happy Mother's Day from MCM

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I hope everyone has gotten to spend some good time with their mom today.  There was a great story about Keith Bulluck's childhood in yesterday's USA Today.   Bulluck lived with a friend's family from the time he was 12 through high school.  The article talks about the resentment Bulluck felt for his mother, and how he channeled that frustration into football.  Bulluck has since reconciled with his mother. 

"Anyone who knows my mom know she isn't a bad person," he said. "She just came up in bad times.

"You can't hold a grudge. If you hold a grudge your whole life, you're not going to move forward. I already didn't know my dad, so I felt it was important."

 Bulluck hasn't forgotten what he went through.  He started a foundation called Believe and Achieve that works with foster kids to help them transition from foster care to adulthood. 

We hear so many negative things about athletes these days so I wanted to take some time, especially on this holiday, to point out something positive a member of the Titans is doing in the world.