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Tennessee Titans News 5.10.08

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Teresa Walker of the AP has an interesting article about Mike Reinfeldt's approach to the salary cap.   I haven't agreed with a lot of his draft day decisions, but I think he is very smart when it comes to dealing with the cap.  The Titans currently have a lot of cap room for 2008 and 2009, so the Michael Roos deal is front -loaded.  The reason the Titans got into so much cap trouble before was because Floyd Reese back-loaded every contract he did and all of the big numbers came up at the same time.  I love the approach, and hope he can get similar deals done with Albert Haynesworth and David Stewart.

Mike Heimerdinger is working with Vince Young on his footwork first:

"We're trying to fix his feet,'' Heimerdinger said. "Just getting his feet underneath him when he throws — he just always seems to be off-balance and throws just with his arms and not with his feet. … If we can get that fixed, it will give him a chance to throw an accurate ball more often.''

 As the article mentions, and I am sure you have noticed, VY throws without his feet set a lot which tends to cause his throws to sail.  VY seems to be taking the coaching well:

"I feel like 'Dinger is getting me prepared to play, to take it to the next level,'' Young said. "… This is my third year; I'm getting a lot of reps and film work. I really feel like I have a lot of help and all I have to do is stay focused and work hard. I'm getting better; we're all getting better.''

Kevin Mawae, who said after the season last year that VY needs to become a student of the game, is already seeing improvement in that area:

"I think Vince feels more comfortable,'' Mawae said. "I made the comment at the end of the year last year that he needs to take the next step and become a student of the game and I think Heimerdinger is helping him do that.

"He is seeing more things on the field and communicating a little better with the offensive line and making checks and things like that. It is still early and we have a lot to do. But we have a lot of time for more improvement, not just for him but for everybody.''

I am really excited about what Dinger is going to bring out in VY.  We are going to see more of the special things that we saw in his rookie season