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With the 2nd pick in the MCM Mock Draft....

....the St. Louis Rams represented by LastSd select....

Glenn Dorsey, defensive tackle, LSU

The best case for the Rams would be Chris Long sliding to them, since C.Long is most complete player and the safest pick. Rams have many holes to fill and would certainly trade down if they could find a partner. However, since this is not possible, it boils down to three players: Dorsey, J.Long, Gholston.

J.Long would be also a good pick; he would back up often injured Pace or may replace a formal first round pick Barron. However, Rams bolstered their offensive line with signing of Bell, who would play LG and help Pace focus on his job (got injured last season trying to pick up the player the guard missed), and also it is too early to give up on Barron. With Rams picking 33rd Offensive tackle position can be addressed, seeing as the position is deep in this draft.

Gholston would be a good pick if Rams change their 4-3 to 3-4, which they have been trying few times last season. Nevertheless, there is no indication that this will be the case; therefore Rams will pass on the talented DE, who is better suited for 3-4 defense.

Dorsey was ranked first in many draft boards during the season before sliding due to injury concern. The concern is still there but solid pro workout ease the concern. He would step in right away playing along side with Glover and replace last year's first round choice Carriker to his normal position, DE. Dorsey is too small to be NT in 3-4 defence, however, he fits well with the rams 4-3 defence and line of Carriker-Dorsey-Glover-Little will hopefully bring enough pressure to QB to help the Rams' mediocre secondary.

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