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MCM Mock Draft Begins

Now that our 1st round pick has been made in the SB Nation mock draft it is time to get the MCM mock underway.

With the #1 pick in the MCM mock draft, the Miami Dolphins represented by Zackmann select....

Chris Long (DE) - Virgina

No sure-fire franchise level QB's are in this draft. Drafting a RB in the top 5 is too risky considering the production that a low rounder can usually provide and the short shelf life of most NFL RB's. Thus, drafting a lineman is the way to go. Chris Long, Jake Long, Vernon Gholston and Glenn Dorsey are all worthy candidates in my eyes. One thing that will impact the choice is who can be signed before the Draft. Actually, if I was The Tuna, I would give all 4 of those players a contract offer that is less than what previous #1 picks have made and see if anyone takes it before the Draft. The money traditionally given to the 1st overall pick is just too high. My guess is that Chris Long will be the one player of those 4 that is 100% committed to getting signed ASAP and not miss any training camp time. A contract holdout is the last thing I want for my top pick. Chris Long might not have the upside as the other 3 (particularly the freak of nature Gholston), but he is the safest choice and considering the price tag associated with the top pick, limiting risk is worth more than trying to catch lightning in a bottle.

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I have the Rams pick in hand and will be posting it later today. If you would still like to help out let me know. There are plenty of spots available.