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Well I Picked Calais Campbell....

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....and then got punished by our blogger at Mocking the Draft.  Ouch!  I won't spend too much time on this.  Last year I picked Robert Meachem, everyone thought it was a great pick, and then he turned out to be inactive pretty much all year.  All I will say on the receiver front is that Devin Thomas may be Kiper's #1 receiver, but he only produced for one season in college.  The Titans don't need another project there.

I think reading his analysis of the pick makes it pretty obvious that he hasn't watched the Titans play.  Bryce Fisher may have been of Pro Bowl potential at one point in his career, but the fact that he couldn't get on the field last season ahead of Sean Conover tells me all I need to know about where he is now.  Kearse may be able to play 50% of the snaps, who plays the other half?  

Why would the Titans need to draft anyone to replace Randy Starks?  The last time he was seen on the field was in Cinciannti when he spent the whole day getting knocked 8 yards off the line of scrimmage.  

I also don't really see a scenario where the Titans spend this pick on a middle linebacker.  They are happy with Ryan Fowler and Stephen Tulloch.  Besides that, the middle linebacker isn't on the field much in the scheme they play.

That is my entire reasoning behind the pick.  Also, I think Mr. Bennett, who I love as much as August does, will still be there when we pick again fingers crossed....