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SB Nation Mock Update

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There have been 4 picks since the Buffalo Bills took Malcolm Kelly at #11.

With the 12th pick the Denver Broncos selected Derrick Harvey, defensive end, Florida.  There aren't even going to be any defensive lineman on the board when our pick comes up at 24.  This is a very interesting pick for the Broncos considering they used there top 2 picks on defensive ends last season, but as MHR says, you can never have too many pass rushers.

With the 13th over all pick the Carolina Panthers selected Ryan Clady, offensive tackle, Boise State.  No real surprise here.  The Panthers need help on the offensive line, so Clady makes a lot of sense for them.

With the 14th pick the Chicago Bears selected Rashard Mendenhall, running back, Illinois.  Again, no big surprise.  Cedric Benson has been a bust so the Bears need someone to carry the ball.

With the 15th pick the Detroit Lions selected Chris Williams, offensive tackle, Vanderbilt.  What no receiver?  It is exciting to see a guy from Vandy being considered this high.  Williams is a smart guy with the combination of size and quickness that an NFL tackle needs to have.  

The Arizona Cardinals are now on the clock..

Also, palpacino wants a photoshop contest because he thinks the new Titans 10 year logo sucks (so does BeansCarter, big shocker there).  If anyone would like to design a logo and send it to me, I will put them up on the site for everyone to vote on.  Just use the link to my email on the sidebar.