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Wednesday's SB Nation Mock Draft Picks

I was in Chicago watching my Cubs get kicked by the Brewers yesterday.  That is why there were no updates to the site.  I am back today, and here is what happened in the SB Nation mock draft yesterday:

With the 6th pick the New York Jets selected Glenn Dorsey, defensive tackle, LSU.  It is pretty amazing that 4 of the first 6 picks in this mock are defensive lineman.  There is a great possibility that Dorsey is the best player in this draft.  If he does fall to the Jets at 6 they could be getting a steal.

With the 7th pick the New England Patriots selected Leodis McKelvin, cornerback, Troy.  McKelvin is a logical choice for the Patriots with the loss of Asante Samuel.

With the 8th pick the Baltimore Ravens selected Matt Ryan, quarterback, Boston College.  Ryan is one of the more interesting players in this draft.  He will go in the top 10, but I have no idea which teams will actually take him.

That is what was done on Wednesday.  I will keep you updated on the happenings today.  Also, as was mentioned in a diary, a lot of other sites are doing their own mock drafts.  Those drafts are something they have put together with the readers of their site.  If any of you have an interest in doing this, let me know.  If we can get 15-20 people to participate by taking a team, making their pick and giving a couple paragraphs as to why that was the pick, we can make it work.  If you are interested leave the team you would like to pick for in the comments.