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A Closer Look at Craig Stevens, TE, Cal

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College Stats

Year Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
2004 4 61 15.3 26 1
2005 13 165 12.7 26 2
2006 17 239 14.1 29 1
2007 17 204 12.0 23 3

Stevens looks to be the replacement for Ben Hartsock who the Titans lost in free agencty to the Atlanta Falcons.  He did not do much pass catching in college, but he is a big guy at 6-3, 254, who should be able to knock some guys off the line of scrimmage. 

Just because he didn't catch many passes in college does not mean that he can't catch.  Everything I have read about him says he has good hands.  He is never going to be a deep threat, even though he did run a 4.59 40 which isn't bad, but he could make some tough catches in short yardage situations.  He is another guy that seems to be the perfect compliment to something the Titans already have on the roster. 

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