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With the 54th Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft....

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....the Tennessee Titans select Jason Jones, DE, Eastern Michigan.

I had never heard of this kid before 5 minutes ago. He played defensive end and tackle in college. I don't understand where the Titans come up with these guys, but at least this guy grades pretty well, and he did have some success in college.

I am not sure how they can justify not moving up a couple of spots to get either Limas Sweed or Malcolm Kelly. We didn't have anything that even resembled a passing game last season, and they haven't done a single thing in the offseason to make it better. They better hope their running game can carry the team like it did in the early 2000's because we aren't going to make it throwing the ball.

What I don't understand is why you spend the 3rd pick in the draft on a quarterback if you obviously have no interest in using him to win games. I don't have a problem with smash mouth football, but I do have a problem with sinking that much money into a quarterback that is just going to hand the ball off.